Adult Pear Crumble

It's a sunny day in Perth! After all the dreadful storms and rainy weather, it's finally sunny!

Writing this thesis should be a pleasure. It should be a celebration of my hard work over the past few years. Data collection is almost done, people volunteered to participate in my study and I have all my readings with me!

Writing however, has always been a chore to me. Academic writing anyway. It's quite hilarious that I found housework more appealing than writing. I mean, I'm cooking better meals now. Laundry done. The floor mopped and rooms tidied! It's almost like I'm transferring the stress to housework. In fact, the more writing I have to do, the cleaner and neater the house needs to be. It's like transferring my unrelenting standards to something that is tangible.

So in the midst of my struggles, I present to you a good old pear crumble. It's less sinful than other desserts but certainly hit a nice warm spot in me. I made another version a few weeks later- adding chocolate bits in it as well. I'm keen to experiment and perhaps use berries and strawberries next but pear provides a good bite to it.

Adult Pear Crumble (1 serving)
1 huge pear, cored, chopped and peeled.
1 huge tablespoon of brown sugar (more if required)
1-2 tablespoon of rum (depending on how u are feeling that day...)

2 tablespoons full of oats
2-3teaspoons of flour
1 tablespoon of spread
crushed walnuts

1)Preheat oven 180-200 degrees C.
2) Cook pear, brown sugar and rum in a saucepan for 15 mins on low heat or till caramelized. Stir frequently or the sugar will burn!
3) Make topping: Rub spread into flour till it resembles breadcrumbs.
4) mix oats and walnuts into flour mixture.
5) Once the pear is done, spoon into ramekin.
6) Spoon topping on it.
7) bake for 20 mins or till the top is golden brown.
8) Cool for 5 mins
9) Add a scoop of mango ice-cream (I used Weiss Mango sorbet).
10) EAT!