Become Your Own Hero

From a first glance, the title will automatically remind you of one of the most famous songs and that is “I need a hero” by Bonnie Tyler. teenage girls spent their teenage days daydreaming of that Prince Charming or what they call a “hero”. Sadly, this image is deeply rooted in so many girls’ minds. It became more of a reference and proof of their existence. It became more of a measurement for their happiness.
This song can be interpreted in many ways. Some will translate it from a description of a hero’s characteristics (could be a woman or man) while others might relate to my view. Either way, not the song itself but the meaning behind it can be controversial and would make a huge debate. 
I need a heroI'm holding out for a hero till the end of the nightHe's gotta be strong, and he's gotta be fastAnd he's gotta be fresh from the fightI need a heroI'm holding out for a hero till the morning lightHe's gotta be sure, and it's gotta be soonAnd he's gotta be larger than lifeLarger than life”
I didn’t have that image fully rooted in me but at some point in my life, I did. However, I grew up and became wiser and my priorities changed. I now see things differently and logically. I have learned with time that I don’t really need a hero in my life, such an image doesn’t exist. Maybe we can blame it on Disney movies or love songs. In fact, I found out that I can be my own hero and I think I have been so. What really bothers me is the idea that is seen among girls in which they demand to be rescued and saved when you can actually save and rescue yourself.
I advise girls to understand better and acknowledge their value. Life can be cruel and whoever hero you thought would come at your rescue isn’t coming and it’s just an illusion. As a young lady, you can work hard for your dreams and hopes, there are no limits. Use your time to learn and discover because trust me, life is worth discovering. Spend effort into making the best version of YOU because it’s what you really own.