Bill Would End The Internet As We Know It

The "Stopping Online Piracy Act (SOPA) — HR 3261 — and its counterpart in the Senate, "PROTECT IP," will LIMIT Internet freedom and commerce, and will give unprecedented power over the Internet to the government and law enforcement.

The House's Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Senate's PROTECT IP Act would censor the Internet and create massive regulations for every website that utilizes user-generated content. That means sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and popular political blogs will all be under the watchful eye of the federal government. And if ONE PERSON posts ONE VIDEO or ONE IMAGE that has not been properly credited; THE ENTIRE SITE CAN BE SHUT DOWN, WITHOUT A COURT ORDER.

If passed, this bill will force almost all Internet business to leave the United States, beyond the jurisdiction of Congress. We would all have to move our servers off-shore and use IP numbers instead of domain names within the United States.

This unconstitutional legislation is being backed by a powerful cabal of commercial interests that don't care about our rights. Only about their profits. This legislation wouldn't even be good for their clients, but they don't care to think through the implications. And they have a lot of political clout. This is a battle for freedom and our Constitution, and the forces against us are well-funded.

SOPA is being marked up on December 15th. Our Internet Freedom is under assault. We must get our message to Congress IMMEDIATELY and tell them to OPPOSE SOPA! This has the potential for GREAT abuse by our government, and as freedom-loving citizens, we MUST take action now. Flood Congress with your Faxes and tell them to oppose this legislation and protect free speech and free enterprise in America.

The link below takes you to a site where you can send email to members of Congress, but email is largely useless. Send faxes or make phone calls!