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On the Edge of Magnetic Fusion Devices

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Title: On the Edge of Magnetic Fusion DevicesAuthor : Sergei Krasheninnikov, Andrei Smolyakov & Andrei KukushkinRelease Date : January 07, 2020Genre: Physics,Books,Science & Nature,Professional & Technical,Engineering,Power Resources,Pages : * pagesSize : 40814 KB


This book reviews the current state of understanding concerning edge plasma, which bridges hot fusion plasma, with a temperature of roughly one million degrees Kelvin with plasma-facing materials, which have melting points of only a few thousand degrees Kelvin. In a fact, edge plasma is one of the keys to solution for harnessing fusion energy in magnetic fusion devices.
The physics governing the processes at work in the edge plasma involves classical and anomalous transport of multispecies plasma, neutral gas dynamics, atomic physics effects, radiation transport, plasma-material interactions, and even the transport of plasma species within the plasma-facing materials.
The book starts with simple physical models, then moves on to rigorous theoretical considerations and state-of-the-art simulation tools that are capable of capturing the most important features of the edge plasma phenomena. The authors compare the conclusions arising from the theoretical and computational analysis with the available experimental data. They also discuss the remaining gaps in their models and make projections for phenomena related to edge plasma in magnetic fusion reactors.

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