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State Tennessee v. Kenneth W. Ervin

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Title: State Tennessee v. Kenneth W. ErvinAuthor : The Texas Court of Criminal AppealsRelease Date : January 30, 1996Genre: Law,Books,Professional & Technical,Pages : * pagesSize : 63 KB


The appellant, Kenneth W. Ervin, appeals as of right from a judgment of the trial court revoking his community corrections sentence and increasing his total sentence by one (1) year. The appellant candidly admits that he "clearly violated the rules of his Community Corrections contract in several respects." He presents the following issue for review: "Whether or not the trial court acted within its discretion in resentencing the Appellant to five years instead of the four years to which he was originally sentenced." After a thorough review of the record, the briefs submitted by the parties, and the law governing the issue raised by the appellant, it is the opinion of this Court that the judgment of the trial court should be affirmed.

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