Drained Soul

I don’t know when I started to feel it. I was looking for the right term and I finally found it, ‘drained’ is the proper term to use in this case. When you look it up in the dictionary, you’ll find: (adj) deprive of strength or vitality.
Throughout the past year, the energy I had was at the peak. I literally felt unstoppable. I started my own blog, learned online, and tried new things. Although I had so much going on, the bad things didn’t stop me nor brought me down. What mattered to me was to keep moving forward and It was exactly what I did until everything fell apart.
However, this year, it is the complete opposite. I feel that my soul is completely drained of its positivity. I am now a human with an empty soul. It feels dragging and bleary. Everyday is on repeat. I don’t have the energy to make it special, I want to but I can’t. The feeling of guilt kept on haunting me for awhile but I made peace with it now.

The feeling of guilt has been haunting me and it makes everything even worst. What made me look for an answer was when someone told me to look back at the things that made me feel good and ‘happy’ last year. That was like a wake-up call! It made realize the impact it all had on me and I am okay with it now. So, If you are in a similar position, do the same. Don't stop and look for answers within yourself. I am still figuring this out but as long as I could catch the beginning of the thread, one thing will eventually lead to another for sure.