Re-Art Swap

Once a year, a local art store hosts a Re-Art Swap where anyone can drop off old art materials and then pick up things they want.  All for free!  Today, I volunteered for a few hours at the swap and had a blast.  It was like Christmas for an art teacher!

Here is a big box of stuff that I donated.  It felt so good to clean out my art supplies.  Little did I know that I would come back with as much stuff as I gave away!  Although most of what I picked up are things that I am going to bring to the school I teach at, so at least it won't be stuff in my house.
Here is the front of the Absolutely Art store.
People looking through piles and piles of fabric scraps and other goodies.  The place was open all day and lots of people came and went, dropping off old supplies and picking up new ones.  It truly was "one man's trash is another man's treasure."  The area was bigger than my camera captured and there was another aisle not picture and more around the corner.
More boxes of stuff.
Here are some of the things I picked up for my classroom.  

These are very delicate, thin pieces of wood cut into a variety of shapes. 
This will be fun to use in collages for the kids.
8"x10" pieces of foam board
lots of glass pieces for mosaics
crayons, souffle cup lids, unopened glass paints, flowery stuff
Stack of perfectly good cardstock.
Glue, origami paper, labels, a large piece of glass for glass fusing, mosaic tiles, star stickers
Collage goodies!

I love these Easter Seals stamps.. they are from the 70's and 80's
Labels, scrapbook paper, random ephemera... notice the Disney stickers (perfect for the Disneyworld scrapbook I am going to put together this summer)
a book, crochet hooks, stickers, greeting cards, Pitt artist pens and Faber Castell markersAt the end of the day there were boxes and boxes and boxes of unclaimed stuff, so I don't feel bad taking as much as I did.  There were plenty of items for everyone!