Shall We Dance?

No, i did not rewatch the movie. Just relistening to the soundtrack that's all. I particularly like the track "Shall we dance?"- graceful yet charming.

My essay is slowly taking shape. If it is at any shape at all.

I have been told that I am 'soft' and 'gentle' in my approach and the way i speak and conduct my interviews. Not that they are faulting me for style, although I wasnt even conscious that was the way I presented myself to clients/people. Luckily my supervisors and clients have no problems with that. Well, I can be loud if I want to- i am sure some ppl can testify to that.

Hold on, that sounded different from what friends in pri and sec school have been telling me. "Daphne, stop being so fierce or else no guys will want you!." or "Dont shout too much, people wont' like you as much." *roll eyes*. I told a clinic mate that ppl used to percieved me as fierce, she LAUGHED.

Have i changed that dramatically? I am still the anxious person i was-the difference occurs as currently, I reached a stage where I cant complete everything anyway... so, whatever will be will be. Wheras last time, I feel that I CAN do it (invisibility fable perhaps?).

One thing didnt change- i dislike ppl who come unprepared when it comes to work. 3 hrs for a 9 min video is inexcusable. Oh, maybe my patience has decreased. Not with clients, just with ppl leech on my work. I'm really not that stupid, though i admit i do dumb things at times. Maybe that part of me is still the same, step on my tail hard-and you get the bite. *growl* The fierce side remain dormant in me till someone activates it :p