Strict Parents Raise Sneaky Kids

Raising children is not easy for parents. From the day a child is born, their parents will stay alert around the clock to make sure that he or she lives a good life and have access to things they need in their lives. However, this scenario does not apply to all families. Unfortunately, some children must be their own parents. 

Nowadays, so many parents in so many communities oppress their children, especially, young girls. The idea some fathers have of their girls is that they should pay extra attention to them and must watch them more often. Simply because everything is not allowed for girls. Nevertheless, both boys and girls need to be watched. 

Some fathers set rules for their girls, starting from a young age, to never interact with boys and must dress in a certain way to not draw attention to them. This kind of pressure can let some girls rebel as they grow older and would want to do the things they were allowed to do when they were younger. 

I keep hearing stories about young girls who cannot handle what their parents put on them and it is so sad. Children are just children. They do not have the type of thinking their parents would think of even out of protection. I am not saying that they should be let loose but they need to experience childhood as it is innocent and pure. 

They need to go through every period of their age as they should. Do not tell girls to wear certain things under the name of a young lady. They are kids and they should not worry about it. Do not introduce this idea to them because unwanted things are always wanted. They will end up doing the opposite.

This can lie under the title "Strict parents raise sneaky kids". Raising children is a matter of trust and love. Parent's should not doubt their children and must show them, utter love. Both parents must trust their children and treat them as friends. They should be open to them so they can trust them in return.