The Dodgers, Magic And Tim

Can you find my husband in this picture?(Hint: he's not wearing a suit)
The phone rang at 5:30AM—always a bad sign that business is far from usual at Tim’s radio station. The Dodgers announced late last night that basketball great Magic Johnson and his group of investors had been selected to buy the team, so all regular programming at the station was being pre-empted to cover the news. Tim got up and went into work an hour early.
He called two hours later. I could barely hear him over all the racket.
“It’s crazy here!” he said. Local TV stations had been interviewing the radio crew all morning and now channel 11 wanted to film a live segment from the main broadcast booth.
“I’LL SET THE TIVO!” I yelled and ran over to the television. Ten minutes later, sports radio personality Steve Mason was on the screen talking to an attractive channel 11 reporter. The phone rang.
“I’m sitting on the floor behind Steve,” Tim whispered. He’d been plugging in some equipment when the TV crew started filming, so he ducked out of the way.
But you can’t keep a good man down for long—especially one who’s never met a TV camera he didn’t like!—and so soon there he was, standing in full view of the camera at the end of the interview.
“I was trying to get out of the shot,” Tim insisted, but you decide (below). (Don't blink or you'll miss him!)