Wasted Youth

The other day, while I was waiting in the queue at the gas station for my turn, I saw some high school students in a car and the music was turned on loudly. They were laughing and talking. It was obvious that they were careless just like many teenagers nowadays. I wondered for a few minutes about them and how they seemed hopeless.
They were lost but the way they acted made them seem strong and in control. However, it was still obvious and couldn't be unhidden. Sometimes I try to think from a different perspective and understand why they are the way they are. Maybe they had a rough childhood, or that their parents can't provide certain things for them, or they met bad people who had a bad influence on them. The scenario can differ from one person to another. Some will only consider the positive side and some the negative.

Even though they still need guidance in their lives since they are still young but they are not going to stay this way forever. Every individual is responsible for his/her own sake and they will grow on their own. Life will keep throwing things at them to test their limits and few who hold still against it. It is a matter of being mature enough to realize this. Those who decide to waste their youth is because they put the blame on others for their circumstance when, in fact, they shouldn't. 

Youth are the fuel of communities to prosper and grow. They are the ones who make a change and implement solutions. Countries must put them first and create opportunities for them. It is unfortunate to witness what some youth go through and how they waste it drastically. Some must create opportunities for themselves to be able to shine and reach the sky. One shouldn't wait for anyone to give them their hand for help.