Ways To Become A Productive Blogger

Following the request of a friend I know from Twitter, I am writing this article about ways to becoming a productive blogger as I know the struggle of keeping a steady flow as a blogger and content creator. Writing while having a busy life can be challenging.

It is in fact very challenging to keep up with especially that in times, you will barely find time to think of things outside your main priorities and I, myself, faced it many times ever since I started to blog three years ago. It hasn't been always easy but it is a management task to handle with other tasks. Therefore, I decided to write an article about ways to become a productive blogger while handling life. 
Time is essential when it comes to creating any type of content. Therefore, it is essential that you find a time slot to write everyday. One of the things I have been doing since I started my blog is making time through the day in which I can draft. You don't have to draft a whole article but you can spend 30 minutes or so to write down your ideas. Don't worry about it being messy, it will come together eventually but it is essential to have at least 30 minutes of a drafting session a few times every week. You can do it during your lunch break or before going to bed or early in the morning if you are an early bird. This helped me to actually draft articles before hand and as I got used to writing, I became so fast in the drafting process and now I can actually write and edit a whole piece in less than an hour though my schedule can be hectic at times.

I know I have been saying this a lot when I talk about blogging but consistency is key and it is essential to include writing in your time frame regardless of how busy you can be, Also, I know there are times where you will feel out of mood or you will experience a creative writing block and it is totally fine. Embrace it and get back to it once you feel better. I had many times where I was out of mood or extremely busy to a point where I couldn't think of blogging at all but what helped during these times is the drafts I had already written. I only needed to publish them or they would require minor editing which was manageable. This is trick I use and it was very helpful and it kept up with my target number of articles every month.

Remind yourself of why you started your blog and go back to the topics you discussed and published and observe the progress you have made so far. Do not make it feel as a mandatory task because only then, you will feel obliged to do it and you will lose interest eventually. Enjoy the time you spend writing and make it pleasant. Have a cup of tea or coffee with you while you draft and turn on the music to a relaxing song that can help you remain focused. I hope my notes are helpful and let me know if you have tried other techniques.