What Can You Do With A Dot?

The Dot (Irma S and James H Black Honor for Excellence in Children's Literature (Awards))A great project to begin the year is a DOT project.  The kindergartners read the book The Dot, by Peter Reynolds.  I love this book!

We also view a slide show of some artworks that use dots (Australian Aboriginal, Seurat).

The first day we trace circles on colored construction paper.  We use lids, cups and rolls of masking tape.   The children cut these circles out and glue them to a white piece of paper.

On the second day, they finish cutting their circles and then they start adding dots to their paper with markers.  Finally, they come over to the paint dotter station and add some paint dots.  I like the  Do-A-Dot Rainbow Art Set.  These are also fun for toddlers to use!

The child who made this said that it was a picture of herself, dancing in a ballroom in a ballgown.. it is an overhead view.